Body Language
Creative Thinking

You might know what you want to say, but not possess the skills to shape your ideas imaginatively or the technique to deliver them with impact. However exciting your material, if people can’t hear you,find your presentation technique boring and are not convinced by you, then you might as well be reading the telephone directory in a monotone.

In addition, we all need to learn and adapt our skills to work just as well in the virtual world.  How you present yourself online has never been more important.

voicebusiness treats everyone as an individual. The enemy of ‘industry standard’, identikit clones, we work with you to lay the very foundations on which you build your individual presentation skills, self-confidence and impact. 

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Training
The following options range from short online sessions - our current option - with an eventual return to single days in presentation and public speaking skills training to two-day courses of intensive presentation skills coaching, allowing for the opportunity of in-depth examination and improvement of individual techniques.

Short Courses
Short courses are also offered focussing on a variety of relevant skills such as interviewing techniques, running and handling meetings, or making your material memorable. All these are currently delivered online.

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