For One Person

First class presentations have always been essential ingredients in many boardrooms, conferences or client meetings.

Now it is just as important to come over well online as in the flesh. 

Your ability to come over confidently and to talk with ease in less formal settings can also be just as important to your success in your role, as can proficiency in talking on camera.

At voicebusiness we help you mix the very best ingredients to ensure the finest results. We take nervous speakers and add a dash of charisma and a dollop of positive body language; peel away any rough edges and add a good helping of clear thinking; mix in a set of invaluable, personalised skills, a reasonable measure of confidence and plenty of undiluted preparation and practice.

Individual Public Speaking, Presentation and Business Communication Training
These options have been designed round the specific training or coaching needs of individuals over the various areas of our expertise, including training online. They revolve around 1-2-1 Personal Training or 2-2-1 Special Edition Personal Training working with two trainers and using video recording and playback. We can even write your speeches for you from scratch.

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