Actors for hire! We provide actors to help your business entertain, inform or sell ideas.

Perhaps you would like clients or colleagues to know more about a new product or service? Actors in scripted roles can frequently make it easier for your audience to remember and digest the information.

Perhaps you'd like your colleagues to engage in role-play with actors in lifelike situations, to help them cope better interacting with colleagues, clients or members of the public?  The actors we work with are experts at this, so much so that they - or rather their character - have often been asked for advice by participants or audience members afterwards!

Actors can also lighten the mood or provide entertainment during conferences or receptions.

Sir Muir Russell, when Permanent Secretary at the Scottish Government, commented on a short play commissioned and performed by voicebusiness to open a senior managers’ conference:

 I thought the play was great fun. I thought it fitted in very well with the sorts of things the organisation needs to do as it looks itself in the mirror. And it gently, but firmly, showed us how we can sometimes appear and the opportunities there are to work with the people out there in order to do things better.  
Sir Muir Russell, Former Permanent Secretary, Scottish Government
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