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voicebusiness offers a wide range of training options that can be easily customised to meet your requirements, from public speaking and presentation courses to a whole host of other choices.  Have a browse below and contact us for a chat or to get more information. 

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NEW In-House course: Four Hours To Make A Networker   Designed to give special help and encouragement to new or inexperienced networkers. More details and testimonials here.

Expert one-to-one training and coaching in Presentation, Public Speaking and Communication Skills. Written feedback.
Intensive training in Presentation, Public Speaking and Communication Skills with two trainers for one participant, Written feedback and edited DVD.
Actors for hire! We provide actors to help your business entertain, inform or sell ideas.
One-day personal communication course giving you the skills to act confidently and assertively with tricky people or in difficult situations.
One, two or three-day courses tailored vocal and presentation skills training. Optional written feedback and edited DVDs.
Two half-day courses covering polishing your pitch, sales pitch training and building rapport with potential clients.
One-day course giving you techniques to control the impression you create. Edited DVDs.
Tailor-made speeches for every occasion created by leading speechwriter Ruth Wishart, with the option of being coached in their delivery.
Stand out from the crowd, make a positive impression and create your own WOW Factor.
Customised group in-house training to increase your confidence and impact when dealing with the media.
Two-day intensive presentation and public speaking course. Edited DVD plus written feedback.
One-day presentation and public speaking skills course - Improve your technique overnight!
One-day Productive Networking course to give you the skills to network with enjoyment and confidence.
Specially tailored short courses involving participants in immediate, practical exercises.
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