Presentation & Media Training

Customised training to increase your confidence and impact when dealing with the media.

Whether you require general media training courses to help you, or your organisation communicate with the press or on tv or radio, voicebusiness can help!  

We can also devise unfolding scenarios, using these presentation and confidence-building skills, to help you work through a realistic situation, as we have done, for example, with Perth City Council, the TUC and the Glasgow Women's Voluntary Sector Network.

Benefits of the training include improved:

  • Communication skills
  • Radio and TV interview techniques
  • Press release and press conference preparation
  • Tactics for dealing with journalists on the doorstep or in the studio
  • Techniques to build strong relationships and form allies with journalists.

Training is devised after in-depth client briefings and run in collaboration with expert presenters, journalists and press officers. Confidentiality is absolutely assured.

 voicebusiness was recommended to us for media training. We were very impressed with the training they provided, which was highly practical, supportive, informative and targeted at our specific concerns, using a realistic scenario. We’d happily recommend them to others  
Fiona Montgomery, Rape Crisis Scotland
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