1-2-1 Personal Training

The personalised solution to your presentation and public speaking requirements

Whether you need coaching for a special occasion, have a speech in mind, are going to record something on video or would simply benefit from honest, unbiased feedback on your performance, this personalised training solution gives you the tools to ensure you are physically relaxed, emotionally and mentally prepared for your speaking opportunities.

We will discuss your specific training needs and design personal presentation training individually for you. 

Elements can include:

  • Relaxation and physical preparation/posture
  • Breath control and development of sound
  • Pitch and range/articulation/pace versus sound
  • Body language including eye contact
  • Establishing rapport with your audience/objectives when speaking
  • How to energise and inspire your listeners
 The trainer looked at my breathing, posture, facial expression and general movement, as well as helping me to finesse the content of the talk I was preparing. The end result was to inspire me to perform better when training, presenting and lecturing.  
Rachel Wood, Associate, McGrigors LLP
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