Individual Impact

Find out how others see you and learn the techniques to be in effective control of how you come over, particularly at work, so you can create the impression you deserve.

From understanding behaviours to body language training to building rapport, Individual Impact's interactive, small group format, with two trainers and use of video, ensures real changes in participants' confidence and behaviour.

Whenever we meet someone we make an assessment of them in less than 30 seconds, as they do us. If we can tell if someone is pleased to see us, feeling intimated or completely disinterested, then so can they!

Through discussion and exercise you will learn how to:

  • Understand body language and how this influences how we come over
  • Understand your own behaviour patterns
  • Turn previously negative paths into positive ways forward
  • Build rapport with others
  • Meet and greet others with confidence
  • Bolster your self confidence and control the impression you create
 The small group format was extremely useful in encouraging participation. The focus on one area of learning helped bring home the gaps in my skills and helped me work on them. Both trainers were excellent.  
Sheila Webster, Partner, Bell & Scott LLP
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