How to Win Business - Pitching For Profit

How to stand out from the crowd and win business

A pitch is a performance and it has to be a great one, with all the stops pulled out on the day.  Potential clients want to be inspired by your brilliance and reassured by your manner and your track record. 

So whether it's full on sales pitch training, for individuals or teams, or learning to feel confident making small talk in informal pitch occasions, voicebusiness has the solution.

Two half-day courses, booked separately or together. 

Elements covered include:

  • Understanding how others think, so you can tailor your pitch to them
  • Concentrating on benefits, not the process
  • How to prepare the pitchers; dealing with nerves, body language, voice etc
  • How to meet and greet
  • Practising the pitch sequence
  • Asking questions and listening to answers
  • How to make your company shine
 Three of us trained for a day for a specific presentation. We all found our session with Cordelia inspiring on many levels. And it worked: our pitch resulted in substantial funding for a 3-year programme of work.  
Stewart Laing, Director, Untitled Projects
re Pitch to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation
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