Custom Built Training in Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

A presentation skills training course which is completely tailored to your needs and takes your skills to a new level. We can offer you public speaking training and presentation skills training in one, two or three-day options.  We help you address your needs and overcome your fears.

Elements your training can cover:

  • Invaluable techniques for relaxation, physical preparation, control of posture and breathing / Best use of eye contact and body language
  • Vocal warm up and development of sound / effective projection and focus of delivery / Pitch and range, articulation, and pace versus speed
  • How to handle a written speech & make your material come alive / Valuable techniques for structure, content and delivery, using minimal aids
  • Presenting formally and informally
  • How to handle Q&A sessions
  • Developing specific presentations for your organisation or developing a preliminary idea into full individual or joint presentations
  • Optional written feedback, edited Video and DVDs
 This training was the most interesting, relaxing, motivating, challenging, uplifting and exhilarating experience I have ever encountered. No longer do I dread the thought of speaking in public or desperately search for an excuse not to – I actively seek opportunities to get out there and speak. I would thoroughly recommend this training to anyone – it just can’t fail.  
Trish Brown, Fundraising Officer, Scottish Association for Mental Health
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