Confidence Lab

This course will equip you with insights, techniques and skills to counter the damaging effect of low confidence or self-doubt, wherever or whenever you may experience it in your life.

* Through group and small group exercises and discussion you will expand your understanding of why self-doubt may suddenly strike you and how you can reframe negative experiences, thought processes and experiences.

* You will examine how values, beliefs and emotions are created and how you can change them.

* You will work on transforming passive into active and energised language.

* You will develop relaxed vocal and physical confidence.

* You will build your own, personal 'Confidence Kit'.



As this is a brand new course this testimonial is to give you a flavour of how voicebusiness courses boost confidence and facilitate valuable learning.

 There is something here for everyone, no matter what their level of experience. voicebusiness genuinely tailors the training to individual needs, providing lots and lots of relevant and really useful techniques and tips, which give a real confidence boost. At the same time, they make the learning fun, and so double the reward!  
Ronnie Munro, Operations Director, Lloyds TSB Scotland plc
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