Shooting Stars

The Ultimate 2-day Customised Presentation Skills Course with Video

Shooting Stars equips you with the skills needed to feel confident and effective in any presentation situation through intensive individual coaching, within a small group setting, over two days.  We start with a blueprint which we then customise for your organisation's specific requirements. You then transform your personal presenting skills by achieving greater control over body, voice and material.

Would you like to affect internal change that becomes evident on the outside? Guided by two experienced trainers, participants can achieve this by:

  • Examining individual’s current skills in depth
  • Experimenting and honing public speaking and presenting techniques to suit each individual
  • Understanding & clarifying speaking objectives
  • Working on pitch, range, pace and articulation
  • Practising effective physical and vocal preparation, projection and focus of delivery
  • Structuring and delivering different types of presentations

This learning is invaluable to any presenter whether standing before an audience or in a meeting around a table. This training can be slanted towards public speaking courses, leadership training, or general business communication courses. It's up to you.

Written feedback and DVD provided.

 I found the voicebusiness course the most useful presentation course I have been on. I took away so much - posture, breathing and even walking! Since the course I have had fantastic feedback.  
Brendan McDonagh, Marketing Manager, ProStrakan
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