Stepping Out

Gain the skills, confidence and practice to make the most of any networking situation and become an outstanding networker

In this networking skills training you will learn what networking is and why it is so vital in today's business environment. How to start, nourish and build truly productive business relationships. Techniques learned will include:

  • How to enter a room with confidence rather than dread
  • How to join a group seamlessly
  • How to start and keep conversations going
  • How to make others feel good in your company and therefore to feel good about you
  • How to move on without feeling you are causing any offence
  • How to circulate around groups in the room with ease
  • How to follow up your contacts appropriately

Make the most of your networking opportunities and never again dread networking!

 It is very informative, fun and easy to understand. You feel very relaxed when completing the training which helps you remember too. The trainers were excellent, knowledgeable and thoroughly professional.  
Lynne McGrath, Senior Consultant, Search Consultancy
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