Stand & Deliver

The presentation course which will improve your presentation and public speaking  techniques overnight!

On this one-day course you will learn the secrets borrowed from the theatre and adapted to the business world. Training in voice, body language training and a whole raft of techniques will help you greatly improve your delivery of material to make you a more compelling communicator.

Through discussion and exercise you will learn:

  • Invaluable techniques for relaxation, physical preparation, control of posture and breathing
  • Vocal warm up and development of sound; effective projection and focus of delivery
  • Pitch and range, articulation, and pace versus speed
  • Best use of eye contact and body language
  • How to structure and shape your material to bring it alive 
 The course was a constant surprise. It made you think about how you used your whole body as well as your mind to present. Its approach was refreshing and engaging  
Ruth Walker, Director of Customer Experience, Scottish Enterprise
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