2-2-1 Special Edition Personal Training

Intensive training in Presentation and Public Speaking Skills using theatre and media techniques specially adapted for the business environment.

If you are seeking an intensive public speaking course; intensive presentation course; want to work on becoming more authoritative or simply want a 'health check' on how you are really coming over to others - this training option is for you.

This training is tailored specifically for each individual, enhances existing skills and takes you to a new level to become compelling, confident, relaxed and more yourself.  

The benefits of the training:

  • A unique insight into your strengths and weaknesses in presentation and public speaking skills
  • A new range of practical, immediately applicable techniques
  • Seeing yourself as a more confident and fluent communicator
  • A DVD of progress through exercises to study later, backed up with written analysis and presentation checklists
  • Very specific written feedback reports
  • Back up from voicebusiness whom you can contact at any time in the future for advice and support
 There is something here for everyone, no matter what their level of experience. voicebusiness genuinely tailors the training to individual needs, providing lots and lots of relevant and really useful techniques and tips, which give a real confidence boost. At the same time, they make the learning fun, and so double the reward!  
Ronnie Munro, Operations Director, Lloyds TSB Scotland plc
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