Cookie Policy

No personally identifiable information is stored in any voicebusiness cookie

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files located in the browser directory of your computer or mobile device. When you visit a website, it can send information back to the browser which then creates the cookie. Every time you revisit the same website it can access the information stored in the cookie. Cookies are not just created by the website you visit, but may also be created by other websites that run adverts, video or other content you view. The website All About Cookies has a more detailed description.

What Are Cookies Use For?

Cookies are used for a number of reasons. They:

  • help the website remember your preferences
  • help the website remember what's in your shopping cart
  • help improve functionality such as searching or videos
  • help monitor the website's performance

Essential Cookies

Some cookies are essential to allow the website to work properly. voicebusiness uses a cookie called '_voicebusiness_session' & one called 'request_method' which help us authenticate users when they log in to our system.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies allow a website to provide additional services by remembering your preferences and settings. voicebusiness use a cookie called '_voicebusiness_cookie_notice' to keep track of whether you have chosen to hide the Cookie Notice at the foot of the screen.

Functional cookies may also be set by third parties if you view their content within our website. For example, if we embed a Vimeo video in one of our pages then you will receive a Cookie from Vimeo to help ensure a smooth video playback experience. voicebusiness has no control over the content of these cookies.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies allow us to keep track of our website analytics. It is greatly beneficial for us to know how many visitors we get, what the most popular pages are, which blog posts get the most views and what time of day has the least number of visitors (so we know the best time to do maintenance).

voicebusiness uses a third party service to track our analytics. Examples of the cookies they set are _utma, _utmb, _utmc and _utmz.

Advertising Cookies

Third party advertisers will often place cookies to help make advertisements and offers more interesting to you. voicebusiness has no direct third party advertising on its website.


If you have any concerns about the cookies used by voicebusiness please don't hesitate to contact us so we can address your concern.

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